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    MiniVan to Cadillac

    OK, I had likened my '09 Ultra 260lx to a Minivan because I have only been able to get it up to 65.6mph. Compared to the 77 I would get from my Seadoo. Well obviously I was comparing apples to oranges. After todays training run to Catalina, I am reminded that each ski is adapted to it's own element, or niche. Where the rxp's may be the king of speed, it's a squirrel compared to the Ultra in rough seas. In that environment, the Ultra is truely the Cadillac of the class. Sea chop that would have the rxp bouncing and dartiing like a pinball, was merely swallowed up by the Ultra. That allowed me to concentrate on the swells and waves with no worries of the spiking chop.
    Today, our group encountered 2ft, up to fast moving, churning swells up to 8ft. I rode conservatively, and averaged between 45-50mph. A few sections allowed me to hit up to 60, but those where just short spurts. My Ultra's 65.6 top speed was never called upon. I was privyed to race LB2CAT on a friends 260 last year. Prior to that, I had always ran my rxp. I guess I had forgotten the purpose of the Ultra, and how impressed I was with it's sea prowess, that I ran out and bought my own 2 weeks after that race.
    So now I deem my Ultra the Caddilac of the sea. After I get the waterbox and exhaust upgraded, I might have to think of another moniker.

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    HA…See, I knew me asking you at the fuel doc whats up with the MINIVAN comment would get ya….Indeed, the Ultra is great for ocean riding, but a slug on flat water riding. We had a very fun ride yesterday, good seeing ya down here! When you guys coming back? We need to go around the island next time..

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    Robert and I would have gladly jumped off our 15F's and switched boats with you in a New York second! And a little more TLC (cleaning) around that Pulley Area my good friend! Glad you enjoyed the ride; I will plan another one soon! JB

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