So we decided last week that we are going ahead with the wave blaster mold. We received a donor ski stripped it, and started with the bondo and sanding. You never realize how many imperfections a 15 year old ski has until you prep one. As everyone should know we have been working on the hood for a couple weeks. I think there is more work in creating the hood than there will be making the hull mold. We completly redesigned the whole inside of the hood and air intake we are making it so the inner, bafel, and air intake will work on any outter hood design. Scottie mac shipped us his one off hood on Friday that we will roll a mold off of and fit on our inner, and let me say this his hood is sick!! We are very fortunate to have scottie assisting us with this whole project. We will be making light weight glass, visual carbon, and solid carbon with kevlar reiforcements in all three pieces; hood, bottom deck, top deck. We will not be selling these pieces for a fortune I don't know exact price but I know the glass hull with hood will be under 4500 and solid carbon under 8000 (hopefully around 6000) Our goal is to keep complete hulls under 100lbs And yes we will be vaccum infusing everything. also if you know anything about how we build our boats the skiis will follow the same quality and durability. I will be posting pics of progress tomo