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    Gp1200r playing games.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, not to sure if it's in the right place. I recently bought a 2000 year gp1200r that was an insurance write off. The motor was all good, just fibreglass work to be done.

    I work in a fibreglassing place and had th outboard mechanic next door to check the engine over, as it wasn't just starting, it was just clicking. He found that the startor was dirty, so he fixed, and replaced the leads to it.

    The problem now is that after he put it all back together he turned it over with the sparks out an you could see the plugs sparking, and the guage worked he then began to fit all the electrical box back together, and managed to rip the temperature scensor wires out of the bottom of the exaust. And now theres no spark coming from the plug leads nor is the lcd screen coming on, wether the two are linked.

    So he's adiment that twisting the temp scensor wires together completes the curcit, yet when you press the start button, it turns over with no spark plus the alarm for temp goes off.

    Anyone got any ideas that will help me, he's being pretty adiment in trying to get me to buy an new šomputer for the ski.'

    Any help would be great, thanks

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    needs new temp sensor
    with it unplugged from the e box it will not fire

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    Ahh ok, i thaught so, but he was pretty set in his ways, where would i get hold of one from? I live in Melbourne, australia, Is there a way i can put a resistor on it to double check that's what's causing the problem?

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    ok, so today i picked up a temp sensor for my ski and replaced the broken one. And sure as, im getting spark to all three plugs, also the lcd screen is coming on.

    I put a new fully charged battery on the ski and put a small amount of fuel, premixed with oil, (as the ski has been altered to premix) into the fuel tank. But all the ski is doing is turning over, it will not actually start. Also it's shaking like crazy, theres petrol going into the cylinders, but the sparks (which i replaced) are not igninting it???? and ideas,

    Note this ski hasn't been used for over two years, as it was a write off,


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    You need to do a compression check to start with. remember all it takes to run one of these compression, fuel and spark.

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    Hi guys, back again. i got the ski running on saturday, and took it out. It went great, but did cut out a few times, especially when idling.

    Now (monday) I can't seem to start it again. The only way i can get any life out of it is to put some petrol in through were the sparks are, and the it wil just fire once and the cut out. Any help would be great thanks

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    you might need to rebuild the carbies

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    Clean the carbs. This is a common problem. I have a 00 yamaha gpr, just like yours. Mine sat since 2001 and didn't fire up, so I planned to clean the carbs. What I found out in the process was that most of the problem was caused by the "check valve" on the accelerator pump. Make sure the ball in there moves freely. Pb blaster and an air hose at a shop with 175 psi works wonders.

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    So today I did a compression test on the cylinders. I had 135psi across the back and centre. The front one came out at 90 psi. What's next to dot?

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