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    gel coat clouded

    I have a 2004 Black RXP and the surface over the last couple of years has turned to shi-. It has a clouded chalky look that I cannot seem to polish. has anyone else had this issue?

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    I have a small area on the rear of my 05 GTX Ltd (black) that is that way too!

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    Hey catchme. You may, or may not be able to bring back your gelcoat. My 05 still looks great, but I have a 1996 Mirage tunnel boat that has similar issues as your 04 Doo. The things that I have used on the boat with success (it never looks as good as new) is to wet sand by hand with 1500-2000 grit paper. Then high speed wheel with cutting compound. Then med. grit, and finally finishing compound. Obviously wax or polish afterwards. Lots of work! This year I went an easier route with Miguiers Onestep compound #67, again with the wheel. This stuff starts out agressively and becomes finer and finer as you are buffing. It worked pretty well. I feel that the surfaces on the skis are too small to use the wheel on so every thing is done by hand. Something else you might try that I've had good luck with is Gel Gloss. It leaves a wax behind but it cleans with some type of chemical rather abrassives. The trick with this stuff is to have lots of rags. As you polish a spot you will see all the oxidized color coming off on the rag. Keep working that spot with more product and a new side of the rag untill no more color is being removed and that's probably as good as it's going to get. I would probably try the Gel Gloss first and see how you do. Since I'm on a ramble. For everything Vinyl and plastic (except for control surfaces...slippery) is Back to Black. Awsome! Takes that chalky look off of plastic and vinyl like when you get wax on it or the mineral deposits that build up over time. Use it with a tooth brush on textured surfaces. O.K. I'm done. (thank God)


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    +1 on the Back to Black - it will also help get the excess wax off of hull numbers, stickers, etc.

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    turtle wax, Polishing compunds

    look at my profile pic. the ski was is horrible condition

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