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    Water In The Engine Bay Area...

    I noticed after my first ride on the 95 GTX, approx 8-12 ounces of water in the Engine area...all of which came out when I pulled the plug. Anybody familiar w/ these ski's enough to have any idea where it could have came from? The plug was in tight, the dry compartments seal seems to be in good shape, as does the seat, and I did get hit by a few waves while I was out. Is it possible it could make it down the air intake/vent in the front of the ski? It didn't seem to be an alarming amount of water, just enough that in case it could be problematic, I'd like to take care of it now.

    Thanks Guys

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    the vents on the side of the ski dont go straight to the engine compartment. it would have to hit the vents, go through the seat, and down the vent.

    you may either have a leaking hose or your carbon ring is shot

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    A cup full of water in those skis is not uncommon. If I am out messing around on my 96XP, there is roughly that much water in it when I am done. The bailer tubes don't completely empty the engine bay when your running.

    If depends how you were riding it, were you hammering sharp turns and jumping stuff or were you driving in a straight line for long periods of time and a moderate speed?

    If you were jumping stuff and doing donuts, then there's nothing to worry about. I was told when I got my ski that if you do donuts and mess around, take a couple straight line runs to empty out the hull every now and then, the bailers will pull most of that out.

    If you were riding in a straight line the whole time then you may want to look into that problem more.

    Check the storage compartment seal around the bucket, water can get in there. Did you open your front compartment while you were on the water, it can get in from those vent tubes in front of the hood. It can get in under the seat of the seals aren't tight. Is your rear seat latch set the right height, or is it loose? All of these things can cause the water to get in during normal operation.

    the other thing to check is whether water gets in when it is just sitting. If it does then, you should start checking for leaks and check the seal on the drive shaft, etc...

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