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    '04 GP1300R compression 90-80-100 on autozone tool, 100-90-110 on snap on tool?

    Is it time for the front 2 piston to be redone? I just had the rear piston done 10 hours ago. and my ski cuts in and out @ WOT. ski has 115 hours. front and middle piston never been serviced. im premix, all my plugs are dry black with oily thread.

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    well first thing's first. Only trust the snap on gauge. So basically the motor is getting a little tired since the service limit for compression is 91 psi. So it sounds like a set of rings and a hone would do it some good.

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    Can't just replace the piston and rings if the wAlls aren't dAmaged and would doing wheelie on jet ski cause this problem ?

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