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    SC Washers

    I Have a 2005 sea doo rxt with 40hrs and i had the sc washer fail. I pulled the motor and took both front and back oil pumps out and pieced together one washer in the front pump. The back pump had little to nothing in the screen and in the pump. I know there is one more washer in the motor but i cant find it can someone help me please

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    Sounds like you're on the right track. Sorry to hear this, that is a serious issue and you have to keep in mind sometimes those ceramics will pretty much disintegrate into dust; unfortunately even the dust can create problems with your internals. It might be worth it to contact local certified mechanic in your area or maybe someone on the forum here can take a look at it; try contacting one of the rider's clubs in your area on the "Local Rides" section of the forum here:

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