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    STX-R Is noise normal? HELP! Video Posted!

    Hey guys, I could post a video if needed, but I wanted to see If I could describe a noise and yall tell me if its normal or not.

    I just got a 05 STX -R and dont know much about them... I'm trying to learn.

    When you start it up out of the water it sounds like the pump is "loud" ... kind of making a "ringing" sound or "metallic whirling" ... it only really does it though down low in the rpms... like 1-3k... if you blip the throttle up to 4 or 5k it just has that nice 2 stroke rap rap and it goes away... The ski has been running really strong except for a little hesitation up top in the rpms.. but that goes away too with a little riding. It runs strong and hard. It can indicate 70 mph on the speedo, but its probably only 60 something. It only has 33 hours on the ski. So, what do yall think? Should I post a video? How can I inspect the pump and everything it see if its ok? thanks for the help!! Oh and in the water, I dont really notice any noise or anything... so maybe its just cause its out of the water and no water is running through the pump?
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    here is the video... could someone please help me? is this normal? thanks a lot!

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    I Pm'ed you sounds like there done. Have to pull it to know for in the process of changing mine and mine was making that sound all though not as bad ....And when revved it did go away because a little load is put on it.

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    my stx sounded just like that, i have the pump out now rebuilding and putting in a new solas impellar, mine was bent and chewed up.

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