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    problems with landyard and ECU

    Hi to everyone.

    One of my friends just told me to use this site if I had any problems with my PWC, and now I am run into problems and I have some different issues. So I hope some of you can help me

    And I apologize for my english but I am from Europe.

    I bougth a Seadoo RXP 06 for some months ago, and I got it for a cheap price so I could not say no thanks. Actually so cheap so I was worried about it, I called my closest seadoo dealer to check the Serial / HIN number and so. He said it was ok so I bought it.

    The guy I bought it from had mounted another post and key. It didn´t looked like a seadoo dess post and key but somthing from an outborad motor so I was thinking wow how is it possibel that it can run ?
    I picked the black plastic of where the post is mounted and found out that he had connected the unoriginal post with male and female connectors, but only the black and black / yellow wires was connected to the post and the white wire was just cuted ? I was thinking what a mess so I cutted the wires to the unoriginal post and throwed it over my shoulder. Then I just hold the black and black / yellow wire together and pressed the start button and wroooom it started?? what the f.. ?

    I ordered an oem seadoo post and a new key, mounted the post correct with all the 3 wires, puted the key on the post and it was able to start. ( without my dealer to program the key ) how is that possibel ?

    I did a little search on this site and I just read that one of the only ways that this is possibel is, if there if mounted another ECU like rotax racing or Rive ? How can I check my ECU and find out if it is the stock og rotax ?
    On the white label on the ECU, I can read ROTAX racing, only racing and a lot of ofter numbers. I noted that the date on the ECU and the date on the paper with model history I got from my dealer doesn´t match so I bet that the ECU has been replaced.

    I have owned other Seadoo 2-strokes and know that their landyards was programmed to the MPEM so I am a little confused about it then it would be nice if someone could tell me how it works ?

    I hope someone will take a little time to help me, thanks

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    Sounds like a Rotax Racing ECU to me not a stock ECU.

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