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    1100 stx vibration

    Just purchased a 1100 stx 1100 zxi and a 900zxi. all have engine the stx going and it has a vibration just above idle in the water . runs 48 mph and has good throttle reponse . put a piston in one hole and new rings in other 2. is this normal to have vibration in this rpm range . My polaris has some but not as bad .
    Thanks for info Jackie

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    Could it be old gas? 48 mph seems a bit slow. Is this measured off the dream-o-meter or a GPS? According to Group-k Stock 1100 STXs typically run 52mph @7160rpm. My 900 is very smooth throughout the RPM range & it tops around 52...Actual speed maybe 50?. My 1100 idles rough but smooths out when you hit the throttle, it will pull away from my 900 @WOT. So i figure my 1100(broke speedo) is 3-4 mph faster than my 900. Speedos always seem to show faster than actual GPS speed. So if yours is showing 48,then you my actually be going 44-45mph? What rpms are you turning at WOT?

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    the speed was with my brothers 1200 yamaha ,mine is broke. his runs about 50 on his guage. i put new fuel in it when i got it . this one has no vibration when you get just above idle . i just want to make sure this thing is all wright. this is my first go round with the kawasaki tripples.
    thanks Jackie

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    My 1100 ZXi has vibration until you get above 2K or so. I have new engine mounts so I would guess it is normal. I have read possible causes for this could be the PTO is not lined up correctly due to the motor not shimmed properly or the PTO bushing is worn out. I know in my case mine is lined up properly so I have chalked it up as it is normal. At idle it doesn't vibrate, just unless I slowly accelerate past idle up to 2K or so then it goes away.

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    I have the same vibration problem around 1800 to 3000 rpm and ten smooths out and has great power. Can't figure it out. Please help!!

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    Have any of these engines been apart?

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