As the title states I just purchased my first PWC. I have been building classic trucks as a hobby for years but have little to no experience with pcw or 2 stroke engines. My 96 is completely stock one owner machine.

So my questions are:

1) Are there some basic mods I can do to increase performance? I donít want to go crazy money wise but I do enjoy tinkering with things and sometimes small things can make significant improvements.

2) What would be a good aftermarket prop to use to increase low end grunt and tube pulling capabilities? I live in Utah, I say this as I would think elevation plays in. Skat-Trak has more than one.

3) Grip tape is peeling on edges, any good advice as what to use to replace?

4) The fuel gauge has the lights punched in and does not work, if I get one on eBay that looks the same but is form a different year or model will it work?

5) Does it help to smooth out the bottom of the hull with new paint or wax for performance?

6) How do you get and keep these yellow seats clean?

Thanks for any help!