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    96 spx anyone ever take off the oil tank to go premix

    few ? removed oil tank have lines hooked up for oil in line whats the best oil to use for this and do you haveto remove the pump or can u leave it in and just cap off the lines

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    this is from post by dave hx rxp
    If you decide to go to premix by removing the Oil Pump and capping it off with a Block Off kit then you need to run a large Oil Line between the Rotary Valve Oil Bath IN and OUT nipples under the Carbs/Exhaust. Then you can remove the Oil Tank. The Oil Bath line needs to have a 2" air gap at the top for Oil expansion when hot. The counterbalance shaft gets its lubrication preliminarily from an oil fill and then ongoing from a vent on the rear cylinder which the pre-mix will provide.

    later cd

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    i understand the concept but does the pump itself have to be removed or cn it stay in and what type of oil is best

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