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    Question on purchase...

    I have a seadoo GTx, and want to get another ski. I saw a good price on a polaris 2003 mx140, but i dont know anything about polaris, like the good s and the bad, or should i stick with a yamaha or another seadoo. I'm looking for something used, around the $4000 range.

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    There is a Polaris section here. Not sure if you would get a bias/fair answer or not. I don't know anything about Polaris. Only thing they are not made anymore, so parts and service I am guessing would be a problem.

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    Thanks for responding. Sometimes people don't respond because they think its a stupid question and its stuff that everyone should know, but see, I didn't even know that polaris wasn't made anymore. So that would be a real problem. I also saw a yamaha 2004 I believe its FX140, seemed pretty nice and its 4 stroke. I think I want 4 stroke for reliability.

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