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    MSX 150 - 160 Degree Thermostat

    I do not think I can still get one from Polaris. I have it as #0453383, but it is superceded to the new FST 180 degree thermostat.

    Anybody have a P/N for one I can get at a Auto Store or how to obtain from Polaris?

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    Read that post. Does not help.

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    How about this:

    Thermostat: just do the 160* degree thermostat modification. Running the oem 180* degree thermostat is more fuel efficient but at the expense of increased detonation potential, hotter combustion temperature and leaner fuel setting. In addition, you will immediately decrease your engine bay temperature by 20* degrees. From a performance perspective, turbocharged engines are safer with lower coolant temperature. The right thermostat to use is the one used on all 2007-2008 Polaris FST snowmobiles.

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    I see what you mean now--I have been trying to cross reference the carquest part number to a 160 but it doesn't look like they make one--only 180 and 192--same with stant and robertshaw. How do you know the new polaris part number is a 180? I called a friend who owns an auto parts store and asked him to look and see if he can find one--I will post any results.

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    I checked Babbitts online and the dealer. The 2006-2008 thermostat is superceded to a new one. Since the 2009-2010 have 180 deg. and no one can tell me what the supercede thermostat is rated at, I am not going to pull the trigger on a $49 Polaris stat. Checked Napa and nothing. Got a couple of feelers out on the snowmobile forums.

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    It seems no one makes a 160 (auto application) that will fit but stant has a 170 that should fit. It is for a subaru justy or some suzukis which is the same as the carquest part number that Desperado mentioned. I will buy one this weekend and compare it to one of my msx tsats. Here is a pic of my original weber stat--it has an extension that I'm not sure about--the automotive stats don't have it and I'm not sure if its necessary--if you look at the manifold on msx it looks like ot doesn't do anything except maybe impeed flow slightly while tstat is closed(cold engine). 170 would be better than staying with a 180.
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    Found a motorad 160degree that cross referenced to the carquest #31978 although it physically fits I don't think it will work in the msx. If you look at the 2 side by side you can see that the orginal has an extension on the bottom that moves when the tsat opens to block off a port and change the flow of coolant from manifold to oil cooler--to manifold to heat exchanger then to oil cooler. So if you use a tstat without that you will probably not have enough flow to heat exchanger to cool motor. I don't know about the snowmobile but I would bet it has a different cooling system setup than the msx allowing the carquest stat to work in it. I will go back to auto parts dist again and look for a replacement that will work but it doesn't look good after searching catologues. Did you hear from snowmobile guys yet?
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    Got a reply today from Weber. They gave me a part number for a 158 degree tsat but said it was from a hydrospace which has an open loop cooling system so I'm not sure yet if it will work but I ordered one today to check out. Weber part#103575

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    Got the hydrospace tstat today and it is n/g, does not have the ext to redirect flow. Found a motorad #342-167 to be good--all measurements the same and it's a 167degree unit. Boiled water today with it and the original and they both measure out the same open or closed so it should work well. Not quite a 160 like desperado recommends but its better than 180.

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