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    Building the Ultimate PWC salt water rig!


    I've just purchase the Kawasaki Ultra LX 260, a new left over 2009 model.

    Living full time in SW FL I will be fishing the bays, back waters, 10,000 Island areas and some reasonably close to shore (don't have the never Jet Ski Brian has) Gulf areas along with the occasional trip to the Keys.

    As we all know, PWC salt water fishing is embryo in it's popularity, at best. I would like to hear suggestions from folks that have been doing this and learned lessons the hard way, thus future enthusiasts will benefit from your experience. Now I'm finding numerous parts of various threads but in no place have I been able to find a single thread that is dealing with various aspects the subject in one place.

    Key it how to rig it right and safe, cost not being the deciding factor.

    Seems like the logical progression of rigging a ski for saltwater fishing is:
    Electronics -
    Fish Finder/GPS (must be good for shallow water, flats, back water yet precise for short distance off shore - thus wide field of view)
    Brand/Models that work with the high speeds our rigs can go? Advantages of color in the real world? Mounting location for sounder? Mounting brackets/location for display? Power source?

    Rigging -
    anchor that has performed well and rigging techniques that work
    rod holders/rigs that have worked well for you.
    PVC/do it yourself or aluminum or stainless?
    Manufactures that produce top quality rigs?
    how many rod holders - placement of them - securing the rods
    did the rigging affect the ski's center of gravity negatively?
    how to store catch - clean at sea?

    Safety Gear that has proven essential

    I'm sure as this thread gains input, the additional issues to rigging up the Ideal Fishing Jet Ski will become quite diverse. In short, I'd like this thread to reflect all that your "pioneers" have learned and to be non-specific to any one brand of jet ski.

    Looking forward to your designing my ski!

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    I've been mulling over your post. First, I don't have any experience w/depth/fish finders. That's not the kind of fishing we generally do, down here in SoLA - so I'll just leave that to some experience folks.

    Rigging -
    anchor that has performed well and rigging techniques that work:
    I'm guessing you're fishing on hard/packed sand. My guess you'll need something w/flukes, yet is small/stow-able. I believe Lasportsmn has such an anchor that "folds up".

    rod holders/rigs that have worked well for you.
    PVC/do it yourself or aluminum or stainless?
    Manufactures that produce top quality rigs?
    Wow, skys the limit here. I've seen some SS jobs that were near $1K. But you can build my rack for about $125. Don't get me wrong, I'm not "promoting" my rack. It's not like I hold a patent or have anything to gain by you building it. I'm only suggesting that you start "$mall" and figure out what works best for you. Then you can "build/mod" from there.

    how many rod holders - placement of them - securing the rods Mine have worked fine. Really, no issues. But, I don't troll for fish. I might be leery about trolling for 75lb salt species w/everything I own strapped to some plumbing...

    did the rigging affect the ski's center of gravity negatively? Never on my "T" (3 seater), but I've heard a complaint on the "P" (2 seater). He said the "handling aspects" were different. But I've never had an issue on my couch.

    how to store catch - clean at sea? I think most of us in this game are throwing the fish on ice until we get back to the camp, so to speak. Well, that is what I do...

    Safety Gear that has proven essential Not so much as safety gear, but I never go fishing w/o bait removal pliers and the other plier type tool that is used to hold the fish by the mouth. I don't leave home w/o them. As fas as true safety: Everything your state requires plus your cell phone, marine radio, and always, always, always "file" a float plan w/your spouse, brother, neighbor... Anybody that knows where you're going and what to do if you don't show up by the "call out" time.

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    first, i love to fish and if electronics can help in this addiction, then i much prefer better or best over decent or barely good enough and having great electronics on the big boat has raised the bar for my expectation on a decent FF. I know many might not be inclined to spend many hundreds on a FF, but i need it for more than to read bottom.

    Having heard lots of positive feedback about side and down imaging technology and rave reviews from a good buddy that has installed a larger Humminbird on his boat and also hearing CS for Humminbird is better than most,
    i just bought and installed my Humminbird 798c with Side Imaging. It has a 5" screen, i would always love a bigger screen, but on a seadoo/jetski I had to be realistic

    It sounds like the side and down imaging technology may benefit your application too.

    Only Lowrance has side/down imaging too, but extra cost, extra install and hardware was not attractive for what i deemed an insignificant benefit over the performance of Humminbird. My 798C SI came with an external GPS sensor (which offers a bit better accuracy), but you can opt for the internal gps sensor model which will make the install a bit cleaner and even easier.

    sorry for long reply, if you don't want side imaging, i'd consider another and cheaper Humminbird (500 or 700 series), Lowrance HDS5 or elite series, or Raymarine A series GPS/FF's. IMO, Garmin's FF technology is a step behind and can't recommend.

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    i have a 2009 ultra 260x green/black and 2007 ultra 250x i wanna make the 07 somewhat fish able maybe we can swap are ideas.

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    I have recently purchased another ski and I am in the beginning stages of rigging another "Ultimate Fishing Machine". I will try and post up as I go.

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    what ski did you go with for your new rig brian?

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    Mounting FF/GPS site on Ultra LX260

    Finding ANY location to mount the transducer on this transon is a serious challenge.

    With the exhaust port on the transom driving bubbles into the water, and the shallow draft of the rig complimented by the non-existent area on the transon, all I could come up with is to mount it on the bottom of the port side rear stabilizer. How much turbulence this area will incur while underway is concerning. But that's the best I've been able to come up with so far.

    Will just clear the trailer fittings assuming I don't screw up when putting the rig back on the trailer.

    Suggestions needed ASAP as I want to get this puppy in the water.

    (Purchased the Humminbird 385-CI and a separate 12 volt sealed battery to power it. Thus it's isolated from the ski's electronics.)

    UPDATE: Mounted the display just in front of the handle bar - a little plastic platform below the instrument cluster. Used a RAM mount - looks good - will take it out tomorrow and test out the stability of it.

    Still pondering where to put the transducer!

    6/23/2010 - Mounting Transducer on Kawasaki Ultra LX
    The speedometer on the Kawasaki is basically useless when compared to the GPS, thus I removed the speedometer sending unit from the port side of the transom - cut the cable for it and pulled the cable into the hull - reconnected the sending unit to the cable in case the computer was looking for data from it, thus avoid an error message - velcro the sending unit to the inside wall of the hull. There is a brass through hull fitting behind the sending unit - used that to pass the Transducer cable through. Mounted the bracket for the transducer just below the brass fitting. Sealed all holes/screws up and took a test drive. Unit gave accurate readings at speeds up to 33mph. Above that - there is just a lot of turbulence and reading gets corrupted.

    Last edited by CleanLivin; 06-23-2010 at 07:53 AM.

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    Wondering how stable the mounting for your GPS was. That is the same unit I had decided to get. I will mount it where my second waterbox was in the STB quarter of the hull. Strap already there. Wired to get charges as the ski is running via a switch that breaks the connection to the Main battery while stopped. I will mount the transduger in front the engine aft of the fuel tank. I have plenty of room there on my ski. My only concern was the GPS mount holding up to offshore waves and riding.

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    Actually I was wondering what size solar panel would be needed to keep up the battery while being drained by this unit.

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    Ebay has some fishing racks. Search under "cooler racks" or "jet ski fishing rack"

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