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    1999 polaris genesis

    I have a question is there crank oil on this ski or is lubricated through the two stroke oil. If there is oil were is it located and how do you check it. I put a lot into this ski already and thanks to this board I was able to do all the repairs and rebuilds myself now I just got to catch a good day and see what it does now It sounds so good when I fired it up so well see.. thank you again.

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    2-stroke engines do not have an oil reservoir inside the engine. They are lubricated entirely by the 2-stroke oil blowing through the air intake and crank case.

    There is normally very little liquid oil inside a 2-stroke engine. The oil is merely a thin coating on the bearings and cylinder walls.

    2-stroke oil is specially crafted to coat and stick to the metal parts inside the engine, and provide good lubrication despite the thin oil films.

    As the engine runs, some of the oil gets blown into the combustion chamber, where it is consumed and exits through the exhaust system.

    That is why it is critical that the oil injection system be 100% functional. Without a continuous dribble of fresh oil coming into the engine, the oil coatings inside the engine will decrease as the engine runs, and lubrication failure will occur.

    Usually the piston rings and cylinder walls are the first places the lack of oil causes damage. The result is reduced compression, reduced engine power, and eventually complete mechanical failure.

    Yet another reason for this 2-stroke PWC rule;
    If the engine is not running properly, stop riding it and find out why.

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    I can"t win for losing today took the kids and went out we were having a blast 6700 rpm"s 54mph it was awesome than all of a sudden the ski just bogged down and shut-off. It started back up but It ran terrible couldnt get over 3000 rpm poping and backfiring limped it back to shore. Got it on the trailer and it sounded okay again, got home and started looking around the hull first I found a hose that I know now is the water siphon after looking at it the filter end was completly cloged up maybe that explains water in the hull all the time not sure what it does or it"s purpose though. I checked everything else for the motor but the plug closet to the rear of the ski was all carboned up and nasty changed it and it didnt come back yet. Please help I am not sure were to go or what to do next it"s my nightmare now I just don"t get it or understand what to do next or check. Rebuilt carbs, New reeds, New coupler hose for exhaust, cleaned oil filter on resevoir tank, new plugs. It was running great no issues then bam this happens not sure were or what to do know... Thank You..

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    Check cylinder compression.

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    I'd check compression as well. if the compression is low you of course need to find the cause. Give us a report.

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