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    Oil Change Thread??

    Hey i know this is a pretty amature question. i want to change my oil on my 250x and cant locate were the filter is. im sure there is already a how to change your oil thread on here. does anyone have the link??? also any recomendations on the best oil to get??? thanks

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    The late great oil debate... Your going to have a bunch of personal preference posts with that one. Most use 10w-40 and pick your flavor, from ski oil, to bike oil, to car/truck oil...

    Can't go wrong with the stock Kawi filter and it's located at the front right side corner of the motor as your sitting on the ski. Watch out for the oil pressure sensor that's also in the's easy to snap off.

    Personally, I run Rotella T 15w-40 with a Kawi filter and change at no more than 10 hours regularly.

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    Thanks for the reply. it helped. found the filter. although they sure placed it for people with skinny arms haha.

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    i used the kawai filter and 10-40 mobile one synthetic oil.... i change it from 15-20 hours... has always worked for me

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    hey guys can you vote in my oil poll please with what oil you use im trying to get a data base together of engine failures and what oil was being used at the time

    more of the unexplain failures not motors boosted within an inch of its life

    ive always thought not using marine oil in the long term has to have negative effects on engine life from internal corrosion

    cheers trev

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    Oil change

    I use 10w40 valvoline for motor cycles,be careful with the oil pressure switch!!!!!!! When changing out the oil filter.

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