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Thread: Fuel pump mod

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    Fuel pump mod

    My SLT750 has the original fuel pump and cutoff unit,
    and a melted engine.

    After I rebuild, I want to either put a 3 output pump on, or have 2 pumps, one feeding the front, one feeding the back, and run the centre off the pair of pumps, apparently this was the recommended mod..

    Which would be the better option?


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    First WELCOME to the forum!!!!
    I think 90+ percent of us are using the triple pump outlet method. If this is the route you go, here's a really really nice sheet for plumbing it in.

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    While on the subject Does anyone have pictures of the three outlet mikuni mounted in the ski. Just want to make sure I do it right the first time. Thanks


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    This is where I mounted mine, remember to mount so the pulse line is higher at the engine side than at the pump.
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    Just what i needed, Thanks ph2ocraft!

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    Hi again, I just ordered a mikuni triple output pump, but my fuel return lines i found are blanked off.. and no fuel return line is connected..
    this is the lower of the 2 rails, I will need to find the restrictor and need to know what the thing looks like..


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    it's a little brass insert that fits inside the fuel line and has a tiny hole tru it! also still available new Z

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    ps Just to be clear! The top rail (A)is the return! Z

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    OMG!! no wonder it went faulty!

    Wasnt me, was previous owner, think i was well and truly tucked up..
    £600 (sterling) wasted on a dodgy ski (approx $1100 USD!!)
    you guys probably buy a decent ski ready to hit the water for that price..

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    Mark-UK, I can't remember what 's been going on here but I've got one of these skis and probably have put more money into it than it deserves but , heck, it is a fun machine.It will give you plenty of service.

    Here's my suggestions(of what I did, to mine )

    Install the 3 outlet Mikuni fuel pump (the one shown) as shown. At the lowest spot possible, use clear lines.Check the rest of the fuel lines for stability/security/leaking etc.

    Go pre-mix.(40:1 mix) Remove the oil tank. Install a 33 ohm resistor in the electrical lines from the oil tank(Oil on MFD now will show fulling . My pump didn't fail but the oil tank seals leaked and dumped oil in the hull. Pumps have atendancy to fail after 6-7 years.

    Keep the shaft bearing/seal lubricated. Look at the condition of the seal with a mirror. The seals can be replaced individually with out buying the whole assembly.

    Check comprression. They all should be relatiely close to each other. Check the Piston Wash of each cylinder to determine if running lean or rich. There are lots and lots of post on these subjects. And pictures.

    It is a good idea of pulling the jet pump,checking it for binding and water every 4-5 years. then replacing the bearings and seals.

    Check the clearance between the impeller and the housing(mine was .025 thousands-(25mm???)and my ski ran OK. You can check it on the trailer.

    I installed a used R & D Intake Grate and Ocean Pro Ride Plate which took care of the bounce/porposing. Now rock solid.

    Well enough of my stuff..............Tell us what you've accomp;lished.

    Cheers !!!--Good Luck!!!

    PS:the orfice(restrictor)That came with my fuel pump kit was .080 thousands US.

    A Clymer manual will save you allot of trouble and time.

    Correct spark plugs are NGK---BPR8ES
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