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    Where are my siphon tubes?

    Seals are leaking a little water into hull either at hatch or seat. The suckers are not pulling the water out and into the venturi stream. I
    looked at the Microfische propulsion diagram for my 96 SPX. Anyone know?

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    according to the manual, you're supposed to have 2 of them.


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    Look on your boat.

    You will see two tubes that run down the top of the pump and you should see the lumps where they continue into the venturi. If you look inside the venturi there should be two plastic straws (if you will) in-line with those tubes you saw on the top. If they are missing, or there is a blockage in the system, it will not siphon and may even push water back through it into the hull.

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    Not shown on microfische?

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    and a few of the seadoo drawings don't have the siphon tubes shown so use this #23

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