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    Lightbulb VForce3 Part Number for GP1200R / GP1300R VF3 VFIII


    Been searching around the forums but can't find the VForce3 reeds kit part number that are adapted to the GPRs.

    I found on the Riva and GH forums that these are for Ski-Doo 904cc (or something similar)?

    When I search the Mototassinari site for part numbers there is only one generic VForce3 kit which is the same for all Ski-Doo 600/700/800 triples: V3120-794A-3

    But there's no such as 904 mentioned there...that's where I got confused

    Here is the table:

    I know it's a lot easier to buy the whole $500 kit and I know where to get it...
    But I just like to save some $$$ and complicate my life lol

    Maybe some of you have your VForce3 empty retail boxes laying around in your garages, please go check them and let me knowif it is V3120-794A-3 !


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    904 is the engine size. You have to buy from a distributer! I can get the reeds,WFO can get them, IR etc......

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    Thanks for your quick reply!
    Is it V3120-794A-3 ? if not, what's the part number ?
    Cause I don't see 904 on their part number table

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    just PM WFO, he has everything you need - he will set you up

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    Chris, These guys (WFO,Woody,Island Racing,Duke etc........) all come here answer our questions without asking for much in return. The least you can do is give them some business.

    You want to save a few dollars like we all do but this isnt the way to do it.

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    Hey chris,

    Everyone used to use the valve assembly out of the skidoo rev 800 but now run the artic cat f7 v3 112 bolt pattern. This was switched about 2 years ago due to demand by Moto Tassinari. This pattern was 1mm short than the skidoo but didnt care because they were cut off anyways.

    You can get them in two patterns:

    The 4 petal version (4X4) 16 petals (Most common)
    part number: V3 110-904A-1 (the -1 at the end means one cage because they are sold single)

    The 3 petal version(3X4) 12 petals (2mm smaller)
    Part number: V3 110-873A-1 (the -1 at the end means one cage because they are sold single)

    Hope this helps Chris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    Chris, These guys (WFO,Woody,Island Racing,Duke etc........) all come here answer our questions without asking for much in return. The least you can do is give them some business.

    You want to save a few dollars like we all do but this isnt the way to do it.
    Well, it is true they take the time to come here and answer our questions and I'm really thankfull for everything they have thought us. They are also Professionals and provide super high quality workmanship and service. A+ no doubt about it.

    But it is also true that this is a FORUM, where members share information for FREE and no one is obligated to do it.

    SORRY! but I can't think of any other way of saving money than doing things my self and buying the parts I need (new or used) to whoever has the lowest price on the internet. I always buy after researching and comparing prices.

    There are professionals in this forum for EVERYTHING, carb rebuilding, ride plate modding, reed spacers, pump wedges, hole shot kits, pump reinforcement, etc etc etc. If you are the kind of guy that pays for everything thats fine, but I'm not like that. If I had to pay for labor on EVERYTHING I could not afford this hobby.

    I have used their services and will continue to do it, but if can get the same result spending less money I will do it PERIOD

    Now, going back to the reeds, Fercho (Fernando) was the first guy to make a custom spacer and fit snowmobile VFIII on GPRs back around year 2003. He was also the guy that brought Lowell Horning to our PWC community, he also made the first "Speed Package" that I remember. Surprisingly many people are making a lot of money with his ideas and inventions in this same forum. Isn't Interesting???

    Kris thanks a lot for sharing, your reply shure does help my research

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    So let me make sure I understand you Chris. You would rather re-invent the wheel, spend extra hours of work, ask others on the forum for free advice to lead you to where you can save a couple of bucks, than ask for help and spend a little more money with those on this forum who have perfected OLD methods and then would work with you for countless hours over the phone?
    What happens if you go around those who can help and maybe save a little money, but when you really get into something that you need those same peoples help with, what are you going to do when they do not respond to your posts?
    Good luck in your adventure.

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    there is alot of back and forth about saving a few bucks one method vs. the other but really whats the cost of the wfo kit vs. the way Chris is trying to go about it ? If were talking less than 100 bucks then what is the point ?

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    Everyone here has different financial situation and if they wanna try to save money another way whats the big deal? He asked a question about ONE part and your making it seem like its going to cause the end of the world for Rich, Carl and Kevin. Its his decision, lets not get our vagina's sandy.

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