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    Motor mounts help

    Hi, I have a 1996 sl 700 and I have just discovered that the engine mounts (2) on the port side are not holding. How hard is it to install new ones? Do I have to remove the whole engine?

    I recently added a post to the forum about a a strange noise while jumping waves. Well I guess I found the problem.

    Do you guys think that it will be okay to take the PWC out and ride her gently?


    Where can I buy the motor mounts?

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    dont ride it!

    i snaped 3 engine monts and it fried my electrical system just like that.. from cutting the wires and grounding its self out...

    if you ride with one broke mount then the others will break shortly

    you might be able to replace it with the motor in.. we did on my old ski (94 sl650)

    check all the other monts as well

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    If I have to remove the engine or manifold, will I need to get new gaskets?

    How did you do it without removing the engine?


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    this was afew years ago and my buddy did that.. but what he did was shifted the motor over enough to replace it.. had some one hold the engine back wile he fixed the mount..

    if you remove teh exaust mani i would replace them.. but if they look good with out any creases or rips or bubbles you should be ok to reuse..

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