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    please help polaris trouble.

    hello could any body help me please,ive got a sl 750 polaris i think its a 95,its starts strait away no problems,but in the water it starts fine, gas it and i get 5mph,one of the cylinders {handle bar end} feels hotter than the rest ,ive compression tested them and i get 110-140-100,but when i put the hose on the flusher the engine heat is quite normal,with the engine running the water coming out of the rear end is quite warm so i quessing its cooling on the hose but not under load in the water,ive check all hoses for blockages,water box for leaks,but after my 5 mph blast there seems to be a bit of water in the hull could the pump be at fault somewhere.any feed back would help thanks graham.

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    Engine cooling problems would not slow you down to 5mph (not right away, anyways).

    Something else is wrong.

    You need to check over the rest of the system, from fuel tank to fuel pump to drive shaft and jet pump.

    There is plenty of info available to guide you, but be prepared to do a LOT of reading and learning.

    Click the link below to get started.

    BTW, re-check your compression.
    All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open.
    If you have more than 10% difference between highest and lowest, then the engine top end needs rebuilding.

    Tip: Front cylinder is called MAG, rear cylinder is called PTO, center cylinder is CEN

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    Welcome to the HULK!. Any weird sounds coming from it? Does water shoot out the back like crazy and you go nowhere? or is it just making a bunch of bubbles and not going anywhere? just trying to determine if the impellor and the stator are ok..(1 is a prop and the other has fins in it that dont move)..

    The handle bar end is called the MAGNETO cylinder. the center is the CENTER and the rear one is called the PTO(power take off).

    How hot? so hot you cant hold on to it? or just warmer than the others? Just asking a few question to get to know your ski a little here.

    sounds like your cavitating(creating bubbles, thus no thrust). check the blades on the impellor/Prop) under the ski. you can look thru the intake grate(aluminum rectangle with slots in it to let water in the pump) and see if the blades are bent or broken,, and also look a little farther in there if ya can and see if the blades on the stator( round black thing next to prop) are ok..

    Theres also a wera limit where the prop spins in the pump. the ring in there is called the wear ring. if the gap between the blades outer edges and the inside ring of the wear ring is too large, the motor will make bubbles and go nowhere fast. air in the system could cause that too. bent prop blades could cause that also.. just a few ideas to check

    youll need feeler gauges to check the impellor clearence. and take the intake grate off. its 1 screw on the front of it..dont strip the screw! get the correct screwdriver. its probably in there pretty tight never being taken off before. Good Luck!

    Those compression number are funky.. 140 is real high for a stock ski. should be like 120,125

    and the 110's are low but usable.. my sl has 122 140 125. same thing. the middle is high but it runs good..

    does the motor wind up good? might be the grate needs sealing or the rideplate.(big alum flat thing under the ski in the back).. the thru hull bearing carrier is sucking air into the pump area possibly.

    check the inlet screen on the exit nozzle. not the turning nozzle. the one inside there with the 2 alum tubes sticking out inside of it. theres a screen to the right right inside and see if thats plugged. that could cause water not to get into the motor..

    Other members here will chime in and help ya out also.. I'm not quite sure what the problem is..
    was the middle cylinder had taken off and changed? and pistons get changed from the previous owner?

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    Is your thermostat still installed?

    What RPM are you getting when you hit the gas?

    Is there a water leak you can see with the engine running?

    That compression is really far off. You should consider a new set of rings, and a hone job for the 2 low cyls. ($20 a set of rings, $10-15 per hone)

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    from the off on land,push the button,engine starts ,revs up fine,attatch hosepipe,water coming out of rear end,no leaks visible.

    on water,push button,engine starts ,give it gas ,off it goes 5 mph,doesnt clear bring it in,engine revs fine,but a bit of water in the hull check all pipes for obstructions ,nothing

    fresh fuel
    fresh oil
    new plug caps
    new plugs
    cut back ht leads five mill.

    im trying to find year of of the ski my numbers our ple47527c595 is it the last two numbers, 95 ?
    i havnt had the ski that long i bought it last season and never used it,so im not sure if i bought it like that,so im a bit lost on the history on it.

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    Go to the tech sectiopn and read up on the fuel system issues with the 750. Verify fuel pressure.

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