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    2010 USMC Drill Instructor Ride - San Diego

    Hello All !

    I just received an email from Wounded Warrior Battalion West Camp Pendleton.
    Looks like we *might* be doing another Wounded Warrior Ride soon.

    At least we did this 2 years ago and know what we are getting into and what we will see.
    I just heard today from a GOOD band that wants to perform for the Warriors.

    2008 & 2009 IFWA World Champion Showoff…I mean Free Rider, Ross Champion has agreed to perform and he's trying to get some *friends* to come also.
    He did an AWESOME job in 2008 of doing 360 barrel rolls & back flips off the boat's wake just feet from Wounded Warriors at the stern of Dave’s boat, Semper Fi.
    For those who did not participate in the 2008 Wounded Warrior Ride , it is a VERY moving experience.

    I will be talking with the Marine Corps next week and will get more details that I will pass along.
    Please RSVP me if you have an interest in participating, NOT committing, to help out.
    I need swag/prizes to raffle off to the Warriors, Runabout PWC or boat owners, any food or drinks we can get for the troops, or anything else we could use while doing this at Mission Bay.
    The Marines asked me how many ski's are coming and they were NOT smiling

    Thanks & watch this thread for more details,


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    2010 USMC Drill Instructor Ride MCRD San Diego

    Hi All !!

    This is to remind you of our USMC Drill Instructor Event on Saturday July 17th from 11AM to 4PM.
    The date was changed from June 26th to July 17th by the Marines.
    I hope you can come and help us give PWC & boat Rides to these Heroes.
    We will be giving Rides in the channel, not going into the bay, like we did last year.
    Please RSVP if you plan on attending, with all people in your vehicle, and I will add you to my volunteer list for admittance to the base.
    Tim Hirota and his band Cheap Date will be appearing again this year, by special request from the United States Marine Corps !!!
    All food, drinks and music are FREE for us !!!!
    Thanks !

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