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    hurricane wont run under load

    Need help with my hurricane 700. The ski runs fine on land but when you get it on the water it will not run right at all. will run up to 3500 rpm with wide open trottle.

    Ran fine the few times ive been out this year.

    Is dirt in the carbs a possibility?

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    Check cylinder compression.

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    Check compression like he said ^^^^

    And is the MFD red light flashing?

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    sorry it took so long to respond back. i checked the compression today about 120psi in each cylinder. There is no flashing lights. the thing idles fine just wonte let you go over 3500 rpm in the water runs fine on the land revs up to the limiter.

    im think i need to tear carbs back down clean everything out includeing the pump blow all the fuel lines out and go from there.

    has anyone had any problem like this before?

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    Sounds like a restriction in the fuel system. Verify the filters in the carbs are clean while you're cleaning jets etc. Be sure to replace the fuel line, it's all way too old if it hasn't been serviced to this point.

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