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    Question Seadoo GTI 130 synthetic oil type

    I have a 2008 SEadoo waverunner GT1 130. THe owner's manual says that the recommended Oil is 10W40 grade mineral or synthetic motor oil meeting the requirements for API Service clas SM, SL, or SJ.

    Based on this recommendation, I bought Mobil 1 synthetic 10w40 motor oil and used that for the last 2 years in this ski. I see that Seadoo sells 10W40 synthetic, 10w40 mineral, or a 10W40 synthetic / mineral.

    Question is; Is ANY synthetic MOtor Oil that meets the API classes listed above OK to use in the 4 tec engine, or do you have to use Sea Doo versions of the synthetic oil?

    Follow up question is, if the answer to my above question is that I should NOT use the Mobile 1 10W40 synthetic oil, can I simply switch to the Seadoo synthetic oil on my next oil change and basically mix it with the Mobile 1 that's currently in the engine?


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    what your using is more than fine.......thing should run forever!

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