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    LOT of seadoo 4tec parts from 3 motors

    I have tons of 4 tec parts for sale. I bought a gtx off a friend of mine with a blown head, So I sold the motor to sbt and have every thing except the engine case, head and ecu since I used it on the replacement motor. Now I just bought a pair of motors off a guy in Florida off eBay, I bought one running motor and one bad motor which was in a ski which had sunk. The good motor is in the ski and now I have all the parts except the case and head since I just sold that one to sbt. I also have the ecu with NO key from this motor, I don't know the condition of the ecu. I want to know if any one is interested in making me an offer on all this stuff before I go and pull everything out and take pics of it. I would much rather sell as a whole lot instead of piece by piece. Thanks Mike

    P.S sorry for the long message, please let me know of any interest

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    Where are you located?

    And as much as tried to follow, I have no idea what parts you have for sale. Could you just list what parts are included in lot, without the long story, thanks!

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    Id like a oil filter cover. Pm me the price im in south fl. 33322

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    I am located in New York, I will make a list in the morning and post some pics. Thanks

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    Here are some pics of what I got,

    1 Starter
    1 Exhaust Manifold
    1 J Pipe
    1 ECU
    1 Fuel Injector Harness
    1 Main Wiring Harness With Relay Panel
    2 Sets Of Mounting Feet
    2 Intake Manifold
    2 PTO Covers
    2 OIL Radiators
    2 OIL Pumps
    2 OIL Separator Housings. (COMPLETE)
    5 Bag's of bolts, For 2 COMPLETE motors
    6 Ignition Coil Tubes
    5 Ignition Coils

    I Think I covered every thing. I would much rather sell complete as a lot. Again the items that are more white and faded were off the motor that had sunk, after I sold that engine to sbt it turned out their was nothing wrong with it, all it needed was some new paint, so I imagine the parts that came off are also still good. Now the parts that are new looking came off my original motor with 52.4 hours on it. Their is nothing wrong with them whats so ever.

    Again I am located in lower NY, I will be willing to ship all items if buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking

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    And here are the pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Seadoo Parts 001.jpg 
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Name:	Seadoo Parts 002.jpg 
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Name:	Seadoo Parts 003.jpg 
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Name:	Seadoo Parts 004.jpg 
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Name:	Seadoo Parts 005.jpg 
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    ill be willing to part these out, i dont want them sitting in my living room any more

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    This is what I need from an RXP:

    1) An exhaust temp sensor
    2) The little clip that holds down the fuel regulator
    3) A steering cable
    4) An oil dipstick
    5) The larger of the two hinges that hold the hood in place

    LMK if you have any of it...

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    As I said before, The parts I have are everything but the engine cases, no hulls etc. Please see pics, thats what I have

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