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Thread: update on TS640

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    update on TS640

    So, since this is my first ski, I thought I'd start with a smaller one that's cheap.

    Screw trying to find seals and bearings for my prop housing from factory. I rounded them up for about 150 bucks for all of them, even the large one in the rear. Nice ones too. Not the "taiwan" seals I took off of it. If anyone is interested, don't know if that's a good price or not, but I can get more.

    I'm also going to make copper exhaust gaskets for REAL cheap if anyone wants some just let me know.

    I added filler and resin on a couple of nicks under the hull today and got the hull ready for re-assembly. I figure if I had all the parts on hand, I could probably restore one like this in a weeks time. I only have a couple of questions, like
    1. prop to housing clearance; I see that in other ski's there are wear rings. I have a brand new housing in a package, but the one on the ski doesn't look too worn. I know that we get more performance when we close up the gap on turbo and supercharger compressor covers, so I see the need for proper gaps.
    2. on this ski, i'm trying to make it run stock, but I couldn't help but modify the grate being that it already had damage. I had to remove the center lateral guard leaving only two. Then the thin part of the intake was broken, so I decided since it was ruined already to experiment. ( I have a new one sitting here.) I created a scoop, sort of and reinforced the rear of the grate by welding in some more material. Just so you know.... I have NO idea what the hell I'm doing; but in the immortal words of one of my heros STEVE McQUEEN: "Sounded like a good idea at the time..."
    So, will this help?

    Which leads me to the actual pump housing itself. The "!$$%" that I bought it from told me he "resealed" the pump housing. He meant, he tried to glue back on the front parts he broke off when he stuck a prybar between the hull and the housing. It doesn't glue in well when there is an oil slick inside, FYI.
    Here's a pic of the final outside weld job. I slapped her on the ol Bridgeport and cut out the shape of the gap after a good chamfer and weld on both sides. That cast is pretty shitty to weld BTW.... I licked it though.

    Parts on hold till next week; body is ready for paint, but I want everything installed before I lay down the final coat

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    for your pump clearance yes you will want to have that gap as small as you can but you have to be careful. On these the wear rings can corrode and swell up and then rub on the prop so make sure yours in good to start with.
    The intake grate might be a good idea when you start adding scoops and things in really comes down to trail and era. If you where to just take out that center bar that would help out your top speed a bit but will not help with hookup to the water.
    I know you said you want to keep it stock but I would highly suggest you get an aftermarket prop while you have it all apart. That really is the one part on older jet skis that makes riding it night and day differance and a lot more fun. Dave over at is a great guy to talk with if you need advice on what prop you need for what your doing.

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    I'm there. I live close to Dales Jet sports in Wylie Texas. Ever heard of them?

    Either case, I'll get in touch with the guy you recommend and if it doesn't break the bank, I'll buy a prop.

    I'll let you know.


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    Yes I have herd of dales. I have never got anything from there but I hear good things from him. Dave at impros in the professional at props thats all he does and he has been doing it for years. He checks every prop he sends out even if its and out of the box solas or skat trak it still gets checked to make sure its within specs. He also has a ton of kowledge about what prop your would want to run for what kind of riding your doing like top speed, pulling tubers, both etc.

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    bump with PICS!!!!!

    It's been a crazy two weeks. I managed to find time to get the hull painted. Getting buffing pads in the morning and will buff after work or during lunch.

    I got the prop housing assembled. I still can't believe for the retail cost of one bearing I got all bearings, carrier and all, including the 5 seals. That's together, props in and ready to glue in with my sealer. I left the bolts at home, so it didn't go in tonight.

    motor is ready. Blocked off oil pump. Compression is like 155.
    premix all the way....
    It's hot. I'm ready to hit the water.
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    looking good.

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    Whooo hoooo

    It's home and now I just have to work on the carb. It runs dropping a little premix down the carb, but no suckie suckie from the pump.

    I'm taking it apart now. I hope dales jet sports has parts in stock...

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    Whoo hooo just got back from the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's on like donkey kong!!!!!!!!!!

    It runs really great! I just had to get the diaphragm wet and what not. She sucks like mad now.

    I'm taking the wifie out tonight..


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