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Thread: Need prop help.

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    Need prop help.

    This is my fault I believe. I ordered a drive shaft holder and they sent me the wrong one. I decided to use the driveshaft nut to hold the shaft. I must have over torqued when I done it. I installed the new prop and is now lightly rubing the stator when I spin it. I also noticed the nut tweeked the washer a hair unless its suppose to be bevealed a little. It still spin nice and feels good but I believe I must have moved the shaft a hair in the bearings. Can I take nut off and put it in a press to move the prop back away from the stator a few thousands. How much clearance does it actually need? I have just been waiting on parts for weeks and would really like to finish this on saturday.

    Thanks Clint

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    Thanks Bill I got it. hopefully I didn't do any damage and it will last this season so I can rebuild in winter.

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