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Thread: 96 xp racer

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    wichita ks

    96 xp racer

    wtb a 96 xp or similiar that is setup for racing limited. thanks

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    do you want to road trip to WI?

    i have a 97 SPX here, with a R&D head ( 180 psi), factory spec 2 pipe, skat prop, jet trim seat, and possibly other mods. carbs look to be stock, primer kit, and R&D flame arrestor. ( not sure about the ignition. when i put my scanner on it, it says "race only", no MPEM serial number avail, etc. i have not opened any thing up yet.)

    i am in southern WI, about an hour north of chicago. let me know, other wise, i am going to part it.

    emails, or calls to the shop are best.


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    ^^interested in selling just the skat prop off that?

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    97 SPX Limited

    I have a 97 spx in limited class configuration that I would like to sell. Also a 97spx superstock.
    PM me for a list of what is on the limited.

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