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    A Couple of Engineering Questions

    I have two old drive shafts each stripped at opposite ends.
    I should be able to cut these off and weld a nut to them and make a coupler tool and an impeller tool. Also I would leave the coupler tool as long as possible. Correct me if I am wrong.

    2nd: Looking ahead as I am soon heading to the water to do a final adjustment on the carburetors. To me it looks as if it will be difficult to access the high and low screws. I mechanically synchronized the carburetors and have no ports to hook up, believe it is called a manometer.
    Was very careful, turned them upside down clamped them to a piece of perfectly flat granite to simulate the flat plane of the intake before I mounted the plate that holds them together. There is some play in the screw holes and I was afraid that if they weren't perfect ahead of time. When I mounted them they could torque or twist slightly throwing off the adjustment, as you know it's pretty touchy.

    Anyways, I have an extra flame arrestor. If I cut the bottom half into three individual pieces as small as possible. Mount them and hook up the oil injection lines. No top, maybe cut some screen to go over them but given the limited area of screening it may be to restricting huh. So perhaps no screen or make holes larger. Run it in this manner only during adjustment to allow easier access. Then install the original flame arrestor. Of course I would take another look at the plugs after-wards. I would think at this point it should be running slightly rich.
    Or would it be so far off that it would be a waste of time?

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    For the impeller tool, leave the shaft long bend it at about 75 degrees, install a grip and you have a greatr tool. Idea from Randy at Watcon.

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