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    Need a little help...ASAP

    ok, to make a long story short. Can you guys please help me out. I'm buying a jetski, I have 2 in mind, and one of them is a 2004 Yamaha fx140 with 75 hours, for 3750, and it comes with a pretty nice trailer ( havent seen it in person)

    I would just like to know more about this machine, So if you know about it, can you please give me some feedback...anything, anything about reliability, gas consumption, maintenance, just anything that you know. I have to make a decision by Monday, and I'm torn. I think this is the better buy, but not 100% sure..

    Help me out...Thanks

    I really value the opinions of the ppl on this forum...

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    been trying to find reviews online, but all i get is specs. and what i really want is feedback from ppl that have owned it....or rode it, or are just familiar with it.

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    Is it an HO or not? If not I will tell ya, I have a couple of friends that one has an HO and the other an FX, The regular FX won't set any speed records but it is a reliable ski. But the HO is quite quick to not have a supercharger.

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    I just picked up an 02 FX140 for the wife.

    Performance wise it's not the fastest thing on the water. It's comparable to the VX, GPSd at 53.

    Handling is much better than the VX though, but not as good as a SHO (Those are the only three skis I've ridden). It takes the chop a lot better than the VX too.

    Gas consumption I can't tell you gallons wise as last weekend was our first outing with it, but at the end of the day I had a quarter tank left on the SHO and the 140 had half a tank (both 18.5 gallon capacity).

    Mine's an 02 with 120ish hours and paid 3400 for it with trailer and accesories, so it seems like your price is pretty reasonable.

    Wish I could help more but I've only had the thing a couple of weeks

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    Thumbs up

    for long cruses the yamis have the longest range. I can cruse about 120 miles at 50ish mph. The supercharged jets only get about 4.6-5.5 mpg. Plus the Doos want 89+ octain. I average 7-8 mpg. They go 6 (or less) mph faster than my FX HO's. Never ridden the 140 hp ski. It should get even better fuel milage. And it will be more stable on the rough water. If not interested in speed it should be fine. You cant beat the Yamis for relibility!

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    you can't beat the MR1 engines for reliability and fuel consumption. I've read lots and finding a bad comment about these models is like finding a five leaf clover.

    I'm saving up for an FX-HO, but an FX is good too. The FX is a little slower than the FX HO and also gets slightly worse fuel consumption but is still a great hull and fun for the whole fam.

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    If speed is not an issue.....

    The FX will be perfect for one/two riders. 3 up occasionally. I have a 2003 Fx and a 2007 FX HO. They are both great rides, same hull.

    I liken the FX on a Camry scale and the FX HO an Avalon.

    You won't go wrong with either if you are gonna talk GPR.......

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    Thank You all for your feedback. Well, I looked around alot, and by the time I decided on the FX, the guy had sold it already. So I ended up getting a 2002 Yamaha 1200XLT, and let me just tell you that I love this jet ski. This thing blows that GTX I had out of the water. I had always heard great things about Yamaha, and eventhough this time around i didnt have enough money to buy a newer fourstroke, Im extremely happy with my purchase. I paid $3000 for it, but this ski is mint. Not one spot of rust anywhere, not one scratch, it had 44 hours on it, and has always been garaged kept. It came with original yamaha cover, trailer in pretty good shape, and 3 gallons of yamaha lube (oil). I got it on Saturday, and had it out on Sunday, and its just AWESOME. I love it. Its the one in the pictures.

    One day I'll have enough to get one of those really nice newer 4 stroke. But for now, I'm really happy with my purchase.
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    Nice choice and a beautiful ski!

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    Congrats & enjoy !

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