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    Which gloves for PWC fishing?

    I know some of you in the warm water areas may not think about wearing gloves, but in pac NW and up here in Canada, it's a good idea.

    So are neoprene type the best route? What make/brand would be recommended?
    i'm assuming they keep the hands warm but not dry?

    Also, for my application, would wearing gore-tex bib pants and jacket (with PFD) be fine? (wearing neoprene wet suits is very unappealing as it does not breathe).

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    Riding here in Alaska we wear alot of various gear. I think if you are wanting a glove to ride in, work in, fish in, and what ever else, then the glove for you would be a Seal Skin. They are a neoprene based glove, but are 100% waterproof and warm. We use them all summer long. During the winter we use our regular snow gloves. I have installed brush guards from a snowmaschine on my bike and that works great to block the wind. As far as outerwear, any goretex based rain gear works great, but remember goretex has pores, so if you are running in salt water they need to be rinsed just like your bike after a ride. Just dont wear fishing waders to ride in.

    Where in the PAC NW are you?

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    coco, thx for the advice on seal skinz. I actually have a pair which are a touch too small for me so i've never worn them for much, i guess i need to find a bigger pair and give them another try.

    I'm planning on using the ski for fishing off the west coast of vancouver island (WCVI) and exploring the mirades of places i haven't or can't go with my big boat.

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    Would recommend Glacier Gloves for riding and fishing.
    Also to an earlier poster, I do wear fishing waders and have no problem getting back on the ski after I take a bath, float real nice too with my Mustang Survival pfd.
    I might add that I wear a wading belt and the waders are breathable not neoprene.
    The only drawback is that when you get wet, you get pretty cold, so any immersion means the end of the day on the water.

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