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    Visiting LA/San Diego - any reccomendations where to ride?

    Hi All,

    I am visiting North America for vacation, and will be spending some time in LA and surrounds, does anyone have any tips on where would be a good place to ski if you only had 1 day? I was just looking to hire a ski (bit hard to ship my ski from Australia just for a day!)

    Any advice is much appreciated.


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    Are you riding by yourself or will there be multiple skis? I would say stay in San Diego Bay if you are flying solo. Lots of cool things to see (ships and stuff). You can head out to the ocean from this spot, too. The only spot I know that rents directly at the bay is Seaforth in Coronado (Yamaha vx110's). There are agencies throughout SD, but you will need to tow the ski to a ramp. Have fun.

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