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    Nitrous Oxide 2005 RXP

    Has anyone put nitrous on their RXP...Can a stock motor handle it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmac View Post
    Has anyone put nitrous on their RXP...Can a stock motor handle it..
    wouldnt really be worth it, you'd have to pitch your prop very very high to be able to get any gain from it, meaning the ski would suck to ride when not spraying

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    Thanks for the reply, just wanted to see if it would be worth doing. I guess I'll try some other upgrades.

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    Its fully possible.

    But you would need a very high rev limit.

    Im pretty sure back in 2006 JD1 was doing 92mph with nitrous.

    You can turn 8500 rpm off the juice and then you when you hit it run 9500 rpm or something.

    It is possible for sure and would probably be a very cheap way to get an extra 100 hp for drag racing etc.

    If you think about it takes about 20 hp to gain 1 mph if you did a 100 hp shot you would only be gaining around 5mph which is about 500- 600 RPM.

    So you would only need to have a rev limit of something like 9100 and run 8500 off the nitro.

    This is 100% possible and has now got me thinking

    Are there any drag racers at mudbug or something using nitrous?

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