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Thread: Dead battery

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    Dead battery

    i know there are 100 threads on the site about this i was just wondering if this charger/maintainer would be alright???

    and wondering if it will charge it without damaging it and what not thanks...

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    I would avoid any charger that does not explicitly support AGM type batteries.

    For me, the lack of AGM compatibility is an indication of an old and/or cheap charger design. Don't be fooled by that fancy LED display.

    Look for an AGM mode/switch - that is an indication of quality in a battery charger.

    For similar money, you can buy a genuine Battery Tender brand or Battery Maintainer.

    Fast battery charging is not important with PWC batteries. They don't need a lot of Amps to charge.

    The smart 'float type' battery maintainers are easiest on the battery, in terms of long battery life.

    Tip: When you need to replace your PWC battery, buy an AGM type, such as the Odyssey. AGM is the best battery type for PWC use.

    The higher initial cost is more than compensated by long life, no leakage, high output power, and vibration resistance.

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