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    05 3D Starting Problems. Help

    Hey folks,

    I have an 05 3D and have just had my first issue.

    On the Trailer the ski starts fine. In the water it has problems starting. When I put the key in it beeps like normal, then I hit the starter button and I get a faint click sound but no start up. If I remove the key and replace it a few times it will eventually start up.

    Once running there are no issues with the ski, it just doesn't like starting in the water.

    I replaced the battery at the beginning of this season with a Deka battery. I keep it on a battery tender junior for at least 20 hours before I take it out.

    Looking for ideas on what it is. Starter? Plugs? Any ideas will help. Thanks.

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    simple things first. change/check the spark plugs. then check the connections. mainly the ground wire from the battery to the starter. next would be the starter solenoid then the starter it-self.

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