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    FX SHO Cruiser 2008 servicing question

    Hi Guys,

    I still haven't got my SHO Cruiser 2008 up to the scheduled 50 hour service (I've been away alot this year...... I know.... I know....). its currently on 36 hours.

    My last service was the 10 hour service, performed by the dealer (they are very good by the way) about 1 year ago.

    The user manual states that the oil/filter and service should be done at 50 hours or yearly.

    The year is up, I haven't yet made the 50 hours, but intend to get it up there within the next few months. Should I get it serviced now (early) or is it OK to run it closer to the 50 hour mark?? Surely the oil & filter will be OK going past 1 year?

    I'm open to all suggestions and past experience from you all.

    Yes.... I can hear you yelling at me...... do the service yourself!! I honestly dont know where to begin, and would probably rather have my dealer take care of it. That way I can be sure nothing will go wrong out on the bay.

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    I would ride to 40 or just change the oli/fliter now and check all nuts/bolts and jet away!! I think the manual said change at 20 hrs then at 50. I change my oil every 20 hrs. I would also change the plugs at 50 too...

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