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    Just bought First ride 2005 RXT

    Went for my first ride everything felt good went good just replaced the SC washers went to take off sounded like I was shallow and hitting rocks in the back end then no power idle back to the dock no mph showing on the speedo launched the craft and noticed rocks were jammed in the (not sure of the correct term.) impleler/prop.? What type of damage could there be I'm not sure what the wear ring does but I have read a bit about it. I,m wondering if I should pull it off to inspect damage and what should i look for? Thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Yes I would pull the pump and inspect the impeller and wear ring for damage.

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    Rocks are not good...
    you probably have some damage to the impeller and wear ring.
    Please read this:

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    I pulled it apart and found a decent size rock wedged between the prop blade and the wear ring. Wear ring is worn now what effect does that have on the watercraft? Thanks for replying guys

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    It will cause cavitation on take off. Get a stainless steel one.

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    I believe you can pull the wear ring out and flip it around for a quick fix. If you search it, there is some info on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piper250 View Post
    It will cause cavitation on take off. Get a stainless steel one.
    If he is sucking up rocks already please dont tell him to get a ss one. Stick with the plastic one untill you get used to the ski. a $60 plastic wear ring is better then a $200 plus impeller.

    Stick the pump in the freezer the wear ring will fall right out in about 2 hours. Id remove and inspect the impeller as well.

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    Your ring is toast and it takes nothing to burn up a plastic one. These are super critical to riding and when damaged, the ski is virtually useless.

    Change it or have it changed with either plastic or stainless. You may have messed up the prop too after reading your post.

    After you do have it changed, ensure when you put your ski in the water that there is atleast 2-3 feet between the ski and the river / lake bottom you are in.

    When I put mine in, I always walk it out to a depth I am comfortable with before starting and then proceed to the dock prior to going back to my vehicle.

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