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    Question Started the Raider mods today - HELP!

    I started putting all the goodies on today that I got over the winter (I know it's late in the season to be starting) and I ran into several issues. (PS: 1996 701 Raider, 61x engine.)

    One, I snapped one of those dinky little screws that holds the reeds on the cage, now I have to find a small enough bolt out to remove it, plus find a new screw.

    Two, I dropped one of the temp sensor screws in the hull and I'm pretty sure it went under the fuel tank..

    ..which I need to empty to switch over to 91 octane for the high compression head, but it's 3/4 full..

    And the head has me scratching mine, because the spark plugs in the stock head have shorter threads than what the pro-tec rec head needs. I never really thought about the length of the threads; are there the same heat plugs but with different lengths?

    Second question 'bout the head - the mounting holes don't line up for the stock exhaust bracket of the 61x, nor do they line up with the wet-jet exhaust I was hoping to run. Anyone have solutions for this? The reason I ask is because both exhausts are heavy (the stock one needs a bracket), especially the wet-jet one, and I'm scared that without support it would bang around. Heck, even attached I'm kinda worried it would rip off half a cylinder. I still have to check to see if the new pipe will fit, but I think it should.

    On the bright side, I got the new F/A on and the jets in the carb without any trouble.

    Also started working on removing the old mats, which came up pretty well, except for the glue. I haven't tried acetone yet, but I tried the Goo Gone automotive spray gel. Nothing! It made it less sticky but didn't remove anything. I really didn't try too hard, so I guess it merits another attempt tomorrow with the Goo. If that doesn't work, I'll break out the acetone.

    As for the new Hydro-Turf, I'm surprised there's no cutout for either the HIN or the gay-spray. What do others do about it? I'm thinking for the HIN I can just use an exacto and make a little cutout, but for the spray, do I just cover over the hole, or do I cut a hole in the turf? I have no objection to having the spray there.

    Lastly, I've included some pictures of the piston wash as it was from the end of last season. They were from my "high" speed runs. If someone has some comments, I'd love to hear them; I'm not that good at reading the wash.

    Thanks for the help, and hope you enjoyed the read.
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    Small progress made today - siphoned out most of the tank, so that's good news.

    Also used acetone, a scraper (actually a chisel punch) and some elbow grease - the mat glue is mostly off!

    Anyone have any ideas about the head / exhaust bracket?

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