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Thread: pro 785

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    pro 785

    I recently aquired a pro785 and was reading somewhere that water gets in in number 1 cylinder at ramp through hot box or something? should I be concerned? Also It needs top end rebuild 2 pistons are ok Im guessing stock not sure no names ect,I checked this site didnt have polaris parts wheres good place to buy parts? Any sugestions would be appreciated.

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    Welcome Aboard you found the right place
    What year 785 is it and where you located
    We Love pics too

    Parts you can order from Babbittsonline .com

    make sure you check prices between them

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    WELCOME to the hulk!

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    Its 97 model a little rough I kinda think it was used to race,because in tennesssee ur supose to register them and put the registration number on the hull and this one dont have it.It deffinatelly needs a good cleaning,,the top end was already tore down when I got it.I bought a double trailor and the guy included it with the deal for $600.00 so I figured I cant go wrong.

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    Post some pics lets see what it has in it
    The 97's do need some water routing changes

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    I took some pics how do I upload them to here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tosborn55 View Post
    I took some pics how do I upload them to here?
    when you go to post theres a thing called manage attachments on the bottom of the page click that and it will let you load the pics

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    Hey tosborn, I have a pro 785 too (though it's a 9. You should be proud because there will never be a PWC like a pro 785 again.

    For parts you should go to

    Polaris stopped making PWCs a while ago so parts are getting hard to find at times. They're even worse for the pros because they were made in limited quantities.

    The cylinders are nickel cadium plated, so you shouldn't bore them out. You can order new sleeves from la sleeve. As for new pistons, don't both looking for stock ones. Grab yourself somes Wisecos pistons.

    Make sure to keep your exhaust ports clean. The difference between clean and dirty exhaust ports is huge!

    And some gaskets are really hard to find. LA Sleeve still caries gaskets, pistons, wrist pin clips, etc and the price is good. since you're rebuilding I'd suggest grabbing a cometic gasket kit, new pistons, and everything that goes with the pistons (wrist pins, etc).

    Do not feel like you have to get the parts through Polaris. I recently cleaned out my exhaust port valves and partland wanted 20 dollars per exhaust port gasket. I called a supplier and got a 2x4 foot sheet of exhaust gasket material for 20 dollars and made the gaskets myself.

    Look around when looking for parts, there is no single good place to get parts for a pro anymore without getting raped.

    But enjoy your ski, the pro 785 is fucking sick.

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    Here are few pics I clleaned it up some and it cleaned up pretty good. there is a few places where its stained yelllow anybody know anything i could use? Im getting excited about about putting it together,I ordered the parts today.
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