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    agutayan island 5/22/10

    i want to share my pictures yesterday =)

    i want to ask what is the best way to dock the skii on the sand? i hate to see scratches under my skii... i bought anchor last time and it won't hold... and is marine epoxy good to fill the scratches?

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    if you are worried about scratches and you have to beach it on sand, i would pull it on sand instead of running the ski on the beach...

    for fixing scratches look at bowsnipers paint sticky

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    I would buy a Danforth anchor and a 15 lb mushroom anchor and dig the Danforth into the beach with a 50 ft line. leave enough lind for the ski to bob with the waves and not pull the mushroom off the sand beacause the line is too short. about 10-15 ft is good for 3-5 foot water.

    Theres a 5/1 ratio: 5 foot deep. 25 ft of ANCHOR LINE, not just anything. Its heavier and keeps the anchors from moving easily. That way NO beaching except for going back onto the trailer!

    Oh wait a min! I got both those anchors already! They both work great.

    You can buy a jetski buggy with big sand wheels and walk it into the water, get the ski on it and pull it right out! the big wheels makes it easy to launch..

    If you beach it, it will sand itself silly if your not watching it.. hours of swaying on sandpaper will harm the gelcoat.. you should of seen mine.. go look in my paint sticky.. my ski got beached hard from racing it. many times.

    By the way, those pitures are awesome. Where is that exactly? Iv'e been to subic bay for a couple weeks. That was cool.

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    bow, i already got a danforth anchor but my problem is, it won't hold, maybe i need the mushroom anchor right?

    it is in far southern philippines, far from subic, manila =)

    got any pictures on how to do it proper way of using the daforth anchor and the mushroom anchor?

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    here... what is the best way to fill it??
    it is actually a automotive bodyfiller that is removed when i paint it before...

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