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    Newb Lookin For help 780 motor revs its self

    Hi, bein a newb i wanted to ask you guys b/c i am lost..... When i start the ski it sounds fine but after 3-5 sec it just starts spooling the rpms an scares the crap out of me. Mind you this is in my garage w the ski om a trailer... It seems that if i hold the choke lever(i have no cable) so that the valve is 3/4 of the way closed it seems to rum fine.. at least to me.... But i am starving it of air? what can i do as i wanna put it in the water today?? Btw the idle screw isnt even touching the carb spring/lever PLEASE HELP

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    My first reaction is its getting too much fuel??? But how??

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    If you reach down and twist the throttle by hand at the carbs does it spring back to the idle screw? disconnect throttle cable at carbs to make sure it is not frayed inside the liner and not holding the carbs open. Throttle cables do break.

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    both of mine still do that now. I just crack the throttle and it returns. the idle is fine "in" the water in my ski's

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    i have noticed that if i hold WOT it will spring back all the way but if i hold it half throttle it will not but i have closed it by hand but it still seems like there might be a gap.... will go check now....

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    was told by a friend valves get gummed up an need to run a can of seafoam through....... my questoin can i ride w that high a rpm.... my feeling is i will damage something

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatoutmikey View Post
    was told by a friend valves get gummed up an need to run a can of seafoam through...
    If something needs fixing, Seafoam won't do it.

    Don't know what valves your friend is talking about.

    Find the problem, it is likely a mechanical issue with the throttle, an air leak into the engine, or possibly left over fogging oil or fuel in the crankcase (which will burn off after a short while).

    Make very sure the throttle cable is working properly. It may need lubrication, or replacement.

    Do NOT go riding with a faulty throttle.

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    ok.... thanx alot for your help guys I REALLY appreciate it........ About to go outside disconnect the throttle cable and see how it runs.....hopefully its a quick fix

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    you guys were absolutely right took throttle cable off and voila runs like a champ... now how do i adjust/ lube this thing it doesnot seem to bind up.. at least in my opinion.... will try to source a new one tomorrow... anyone here have one for sale??

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    John Zigler over at rock county jet ski is a great source for any parts for these older polaris skis!

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