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    xp/xpltd advice for buyer

    hi guys

    Im looking for some pointer on buying a seadoo xp / xpltd (97-01) for playing/jumping waves on as i heard there the bomb over the gpr i just sold....

    new to seadoos(not skis) and have no idea what there faults are so can you give me a quick list of what to look for..i.e compression numbers, weak spots,ect

    found a few with the vts broke and assume i can pick these up no problem and not put off by this at all...

    thanks in advance for any help guys


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    the 97 had the 787 in them

    98+ had the 951
    the 98 were known for blowing up engines due to water intrusion from the front vents, I own a 00 and the vents were moved towards the back near the filler neck, I have no water intrusion whatsoever,

    when you buy one, make sure the compression is good and the fuel lines are not the grey ones, or else you MUST replace them or it will go BOOM!

    while replacing the grey fuel lines you MUST clean the fuel selector and clean the carb inner filters, a fresh carb rebuild wouldnt hurt neither to start fresh. Also check the carbon ring, make sure there is not much wobbling going on, if so its cooked, I like to retrofit to a seal bearing carrier, it uses grease and bearings and its more reliable if taken care of properly, check the wear ring, and impeller, also check the pump oil, I've seen skis, with 40 hrs with water in the pump bearings.

    just small maintenance like that will keep your wallet from running dry in the long run, dont cut any corners on anything!
    If you like to upgrade to flame arrestors it will be the best choice you could do.
    the Prok flame arrestors when bought there is no need for a carb adapter, they just snap in, and last but not least, if you go with flame arrestors DONT forget to rejet your carbs.
    PM me or any one else if you need the jetting specs,

    BTW if you buy an XP buy a XP with the 951, go big or go home!

    good luck

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    what and where is the carbon ring you are talking about and the mod that you change it to? Can you give me more info please

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    The carbon seal is on the driveshaft where it comes through the hull. 98 XPL's used a double lip seal, different carrier for the bearings and grease point. If you compare on-line parts sites, you'll see the difference. The 98 set-up is still available as replacement parts, so no problem to switch over.

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    Max hit on most of the things to check and I would add that you should take a good look at the rear carrier bearing that is mounted in the seat's shock support. I would add that way more 951s have died due to poor maintenance and pipe installation than have sucked up water that came in through the front tubes (bit of a red Herring, that).

    Now, a word of advice. I do not even bother trying to buy a boat that is running (and paying running price). Oh, I have, and it was from a guy who is a straight shooter that I know and trust but in the end I was still lucky with this boat.

    You see, there are a lot of things that can not be "Checked" short of taking one apart. Like the pump, or the carbs, or, let's face it, the engine.

    So, if you are going to have to do it anyway, pay less and build the thing so that you then KNOW that it is right. That is my .02 on it and it has worked well over the years.

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    thanks guy some great info for me to go in battle with..

    have seen a few with running problems so might go down that route and as you say start from hull up and get it right first time and do the work myself........

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