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    Thinking about buying a 2002 Virage

    I'm thinking about buying a 2002 Virage. It's for sale on cl for $2000 with trailer. The guy says it has 20 hours on it but needs a computer. I asked him how he determined that and he said a ski tech looked at it. The compression is good and the ski is immaculate. If that's all it needs what would you guys think a good deal on this would be and how much does a computer cost?

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    Is this a fuel injected engine?

    Two or three cylinder?

    IF it is fuel injected, the tech's diagnosis MAY be inaccurate, if he is not familiar with the fuel injected Polaris. I will assume the tech would have checked the mechanical stuff, like cylinder compression.

    IF it is fuel injected and it really is the EMM computer that has a problem, often the EMM can be repaired for about $700.

    Sometimes the EMM computer is fine (despite the tech's diagnosis), and the problem is the fuel pump, which can often be fixed yourself very cheaply.

    IF it is a carburetor engine, then a replacement CDI might cost a few hundred $, maybe less if you can find a good used one.

    I am thinking of buying a PWC. Any tips?

    I just bought a Polaris PWC - what should I do?

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