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    Polaris SL900 - Where does the throttle/oil pump/choke cables go?

    I pulled off the carbs on my polaris SL900 and foolishly did not pay attention to were they go. I am pretty sure the choke cable goes to the pulley on the top of the carbs and the fuel and oil go to the pulley on the bottom, but im not sure how. Could someone please send me a diagram or explain to me where they go.

    Thanks a ton!!!!

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    if your cables are still in place in the ski it is simple to see how they hook up once you put the carbs back in. choke on top oil from the side throttle underneath

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    Sounds simple, and I really am not retarded! lol That is exactly how I tried o hook it up, but I had no tention the oil/fuel cables.....I had two seperate problems, the spring on the oil pump had come off, and the throttle had flipped open so far that the piston (from the what I think was the fuel pump) had it stuck down. I did get it fixed! Got it started! Hooked up n went to the lake......The damn thing wont start!!! spark, plugs are wet.......Grr.......This has turned into a project for another day!!!!

    Thanks for the reply and the info!!!! I really appreciate it!

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