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    rule 500 bilge pump question

    I tested out my 2 500gph Rules in my 2 skis today and both pumps seem to get clogged with an air bubble (or somthing) occasionally and it pumps water very slowly. If I turn the pump off and the water drains then I turn it back on then the water flys out of the exit nozzel. I am just concerned that if I get a leak and they are not working at full capacity they are not going to serve their purpose. Any thoughts? They are both brand new and sealed to the bottom of the hull with 4200. I sealed the bottom case down let it dry for pleanty of time before I put the pump on.


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    Nobody has ever had to "burp" their Rule 500 to get it to work?

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    simple test turn it on and run the hose into your ski and see what happens. I have never done anything to mine, they work fine.

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    That is exactly what I did to test it (hose in the hull). They will run fine and shoot the water out but then sometimes the water flow will slow way down... If I turn the pump off then back on the water starts shooting out again. Same thing on both pumps. Oh well, thanks for the reply.

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