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    Question Fuel Problems -1994 Seadoo GTX

    I have a 1994 Bombardier Seadoo GTX.
    Today was the 1st day i've taken it out since last year. It ran good for the first hour and then we were going down the channel and i was running wide open and it just acted like it died and slowed itself down. After that it stayed messed up. Its gotta be some type of fuel problem. I could gas on it all the way and it would go and stop; go and stop. It finally got so bad that I could hold at full throttle and it would only go 15 mph. I went back to the boat ramp and changed spark plugs. It ran fine for 10 minutes and then it went back to stop and go stop and go... What are my options on what could be wrong with this? I didn't have this problem last year. Thanks for all input.

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    read the thread at the top of the 2 stroke section about cleaning your fuel system....thats your problem

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