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    Carbon Seal Symptoms ????

    07 Rxt. thought I just sucked in some wood/tree debris.
    It cavitated like an sob. then I thought I shot it out
    and was ok for just 100 yards or so.

    then Back to cavitating big time. Not even enough to
    get up on plane . not even close.
    Then I noticed my bilge pump kicked in and Never stopped.
    I was taking on water big time.
    Got towed in. Checked intake grate, etc.
    Pulled pump. Prop, ring, etc looks perfect.

    Also, does a carbon ring/seal on it's way out
    cause lower or higher than normal rpms ????

    Help me before I spend too much on parts !!!

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    Back it in to the water on the trailer with the seat off and give it a rev and watch the carbon seal and see if there is any water coming in, etc.

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    When I had it on trailer and filled hull with water,
    started motor, NO water coming OUT.
    But I supposed its different with the pressure coming
    I "think" when I was on the lake, I saw some small bubbles,
    but not exactly sure due to 4" kanaflex in place in the way.

    My drivesshaft seems to be able to move up and down
    more than I remember though.

    Was also wondering if a bad seal would cause cavitation
    and higher than normal or lower than normal rpms as
    I have been "missing" about 400 rpms starting this season.

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    When my carbon seal went bad, the rpm's were down a bit and my ski shuttered and shook out of the hole. I found quite a bit of water in my hull after the ride...

    Hope this helps.

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    When Rick was saying start it on the trailer, he was meaning back it in water on the trailer and start it with the seat off. When you give it gas you should see water spraying out around the carbon seal. Your symptoms sound exactly like a carbon ring leaking. Look on the inside of your hull for a black stain inline with the carbon ring up the side of the hull. The cavitation is caused by the air from inside your hull going into the pump tunnel through the carbon seal. There is a pic in this thread of what it can look like:

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    Thanks for the link. I replaced everything yesterday..
    Didn't see the carbon tracking. But now that I know
    what it looks like, it will take a look again later.

    Great information

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