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    Getting an 03 gtx sc to 8100 rpm

    I have a fairly stock 03 gtx sc. 04 pump,06 supercharger rebuilt by Jerry, rpx 8200 rpm ecu and 58 pound pressure regulator, bov installed. Solas 12/20 setup by impro's to 12/19. Ski runs low mid 60's And gets 5 mpg roughly at 7,600 rpm max either off the line or fully revved. Never higher.

    On the stand at Steve friebes in Fresno for his 4.7 gallon extra tank install Saturday he checked and skoepp's ecu he sopd me is a 8200 rpm unit.

    Steve thought the impeller was pitched too high. Should be 12/17 or 12/18.

    He said the 500 rpms would be one more pound of boost.

    Can the cast piston engine handle the 8,100 rpm?

    Will the repitched impeller allow the motor to get to the rpm?

    Will it be faster? Where?

    Can the solas be repitched that much?

    In normal cruising will this cost me much mileage?

    Need the 100 mile range the 15.9 plus 4.7 the aux gives

    No low fuel buzzer now until 80 miles versus 60 which is obnoxious.

    We do a 65 mile down the colorado from blithe to lake Martinez and the stock worked ok. The return is 75 miles due to.current and ski will run out.

    I do not need it faster than the current parts will allow.

    Just need a long term dependable ski with 100 mile range.

    Can and do carry 10 gallons on the rear deck for 50 miles more rang but the internal tank should eliminate that unless really long ride at Powell. Gas docks there are closer but the side canyons add a lot of miles we want to do powell without a houseboat and ride from hotel to hotel for a fun trip variation.

    What's everyone think? Bob

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    Need help

    No one?

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