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Thread: JS440 problems

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    JS440 problems

    Hey all, i am new here at green hulk and have got a few questions, i took my js out today and it ran fine all day, when i brought it home i ran some fresh water through the system, while it was running it all of a sudden started to sputter then stopped and would not and still will not start again. i have since checked the spark, it is good, checked fuel it is good, the motor turns over just fine with the starter and it is not making any strange noises. the motor is real healthy and has never done anything like this before, i even tried using starting fluid everywhere you could safely put it and still nothing... Any one ever experience any similar problems? or know what the problem is? and if so how do i fix it?


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    check your pulse line. it goes from the carb to looks like lower end of the engine. its a clear tube, mine was doing the same thing. i replaced it and now it runs fine.
    hope this helps!

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    Wouldn't use starting fluid on your ski if at all possible.... Two strokes do not like starting fluid as the need oil to lubricate. And I'm a little confused on the running fresh water through it? Did you have it hooked up to a hose flushing it? And if so did it die while you had the water running?

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    Okay wow just seen this a 3 year old post. Nevermind

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